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Pitstop Pro Pitstop Server Switch
The must-have preflighting and manual PDF editing tool which plugs into Adobe Acrobat Pitstop Server is the indispensable tool for volume PDF preflighting and automated correction Amazing publishing workflow automation for sorting file types and functional automated processing
Fix last-minute problems in seconds
Enfocus PitStop Pro – the indispensable Adobe Acrobat plug-in to check, edit and correct PDF files. Now with Smart Preflight and correction and smarter text editing.
Automate your preflight process
Enfocus PitStop Server – is a standalone application using Hot Folder processing to automatically preflight and fix PDF files ready for any production environment.
Switch is a modular software solution
that integrates with existing systems and drives third party applications to speed up job processing, reduce errors, and automate repetitive tasks.
Enfocus PitStop Pro is the essential Adobe Acrobat plug-in to check and fix PDF files in professional publishing environments. An extensive array of editing tools makes it easy to do last-minute corrections, both for individual objects and globally throughout the complete PDF document. The tools in PitStop Pro are completely production oriented and allow you to tackle those problems you actually experience in your workflows. The industry-standard preflight engine in PitStop Pro checks all aspects of your PDF files and pinpoints exactly where the problems are. Embedded Certified PDF technology digitally signs your PDF files to ensure their quality. PitStop Server is the indispensable preflighting and auto-correction tool for high-volume and unattended PDF workflows. Built on the industry-standard Enfocus preflight engine it checks all aspects of your PDF files and detects missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more… Fixing those common problems by adjusting the colors of PDF files for a particular output device, adding stamps, watermarks or background templates and more is equally possible using the Action List support. A true server application PitStop Server 09 supports watched folders but can also be run using its command-line interface for closer integration. The life of a publishing professional is filled with repetitive tasks that require your undivided attention. Enfocus Switch automates those tasks, standardizing your work and reducing errors. Easy to setup and use, Switch knows how to talk to your key applications. Switch handles PDF, PostScript, images or native documents with equal ease and can take advantage of the metadata available in your workflow to route or process jobs differently. Use the comprehensive built-in tools or – with PowerSwitch – extend your possibilities using scripting. When needed, manually intervening in a workflow is also possible with the Desktop client. Automation the easy way.
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Overview of a Basic Switch Workflow:

  • Incoming files are dropped into the input folder. Files are automatically sorted into separate folders based on their file type (example: PDFs go to one folder, JPeg and Tiff into an Image folder, and anything else is moved into the ‘Other’ folder for manual processing.
  • Files can then be processed using existing applications. Example: PS files shoot straight through to Distiller which automatically processes a PDF according to your settings. Successful PDF files end up in the success folder.
  • Image files shoot through to the Image folder and can be automatically processed using Actions in Photoshop! Edited Images can be saved in the required file type and also dropped into a success folder.
  • Files that fail can be dropped into a Fail folder, a user notified by email ready for manual processing.
  • You can integrate many different applications for processing your files on the fly! Brilliant.